Welcome to a team with freedom and a flat organization.

A flat organization where each individual is free to express his or her opinion.
A transparent work environment where freedom and each individual's personality is respected.
This is Yaesu Audit & Co.

Not being a large organization,
members with various backgrounds form a small,
elite team to respond to clients' varied needs.

Yaesu Audit & Co. always welcomes professionals with integrity towards clients,
fellow team members and, above all, towards yourself,
as well as those interested in doing their best as a Certified Public Accountant.

Characteristics of members working at Yaesu Audit & Co.

  • For those who are self motivated
    and are able to look at the big picture.

    Each individual at Yaesu Audit & Co. has her/his own opinion as a professional and can also flexibly accommodate client needs. You can sense a feeling of personal growth as you can perform work at your own discretion, not through the instructions provided by manuals.

  • Faithfully confront anyone
    and listen to others with sincerity.

    We place importance on building trusts with clients through communications. We believe the fundamental of this is integrity. Professionals with integrity and do a good job of listening are frequently asked to manage various engagements.

  • By seeking harmony,
    a team can work in its best condition.

    Having an opinion as a professional but not self-centered, our style is to communicate and accomodate client needs through teamwork. You will quickly get accustomed to this work environment that values harmony and members that are supportive of each other.

  • Each have distinct backgrounds
    and specializations.

    We are special because many of our members have unique backgrounds and personalities as a result of career changes from other industries. There are plenty of opportunites for those who can speak English, and those with experience in the IT industry. Previous work experience can often be useful in the current work.

  • Satisfy work-life balances
    in her/his own way

    Members of Yaesu Audit & Co. are able to enjoy work-life balances despite their busy schedules. Many have hobbies, interests that keep them occupied throughout the entire year. Female members can work in a relaxed, comfortable setting. You can pursue a lifestyle that suits your needs.

Office photos of Yaesu Audit & Co.