Flat organization structure with highly motivated specialists and has sincere dialogues with the client.
Since its establishment in 1969, Yaesu Audit & Co. has continually strived to seek a deeper understanding of each client's organization and culture through the most important communication, which is an audit fundamental.
A membership agreement with Kreston Global was concluded in 2012 to respond to the needs of our audit clients which are expanding overseas. As a member of this global network which connects over a 110 countries, we are responding to increased globalization, complexities and evolving accounting regulations in an appropriate manner.
We not only focus on fairness but also flexibility and conducting audits which suit the size and circumstances in a rational matter.
Above all, to contribute to the society at all times and make a small contribution to the infrastructure of the capital markets.
Yaesu Audit & Co. respects each individual's personality, specialties and diversity and continues to enhance the value as an audit firm.

Message from the Chairman

Auditing in Depth and Creation of New Audit Value

With all your support, Yaesu Audit & Co. is celebrating the 55th anniversary of its establishment this year.
During these 55 years, we have played a part in the infrastructure underpinning sound capital markets by granting social credibility to financial statements through financial audits.

“contribute to the society with fairness”

This is the philosophy of Yaesu Audit & Co., which has been cultivated over the ages.
Based on this philosophy, we have been striving to provide high-quality audits through sincere conversation at each audit site and by deepening our understanding of our clients' current situations.
We believe that the social role of audits, which is to identify reliable financial information and to make fair judgment and assurance, is becoming increasingly important in these days where, we could say, “overwhelming” information comes and goes in the digital space.

It is said that “continuity is the father of success,” but we do not believe continuity means not making changes.
We are making steady efforts, bearing in mind that audit quality that meets the needs of the times cannot be sustained unless we constantly update new audit methods, knowledge and quality management thinking and continue to innovate.

For example, IT has enabled the audit processes to proceed more efficiently.
Automated tasks and data analysis can save time and resources. Also, IT-based data analysis helps to improve the accuracy of risk assessments.
By covering enormous amounts of data, IT has also created an environment where hidden risks can be identified, and the data to be audited can be properly stored by taking security measures and can be accessible when needed.
In the area of audit quality management, we have shifted from conventional quality management, which was oriented toward the relative uniformization and homogenization of audit standards, to a risk-based quality management system that takes organizational culture and scalability of Yaesu Audit & Co, and the characteristics of each audit team and individual audit member into deeper consideration.

While responding to these changes, Yaesu Audit & Co. has values that will remain unchanged and we cherish throughout the ages.
Even with the acceleration of advanced digitalization and AI, we believe that the universal value of our organization lies in its “people” and good teamwork.
Yaesu Audit & Co. will work as one to develop a solid and open organization and create new audit value, emphasizing the humanity, expertise and diversity of each partner and staff member, while broadly incorporate global perspectives as a member of the Kreston network.

April 12, 2024


Corporate Governance System

YAESU AUDIT & Co. is based on the philosophy of “contribute to the society with fairness”. We maintain discipline within an organization by direct participation of audit partners (unlimited liability members) in the firm’s management and by mutual surveillance and checking through consultations with the partners' meeting and other committees under the quality management headquarters.

We take the objective of “Principles for Effective Management of Audit Firms” (Audit Firm Governance Code, revised on March 24, 2023) seriously and endeavor to foster an organizational culture which emphasizes maintenance and continuous improvement of the audit quality and to enhance the transparency.

For details on the management operation structure to fairly and appropriately perform the activities of YAESU AUDIT & Co., please refer Here

Audit Quality Report 2023


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  2. Audit Quality Indicators
  3. Governance
  4. Quality Management
  5. Human Resources
  6. Information Technology
  7. Financial Stability
  8. International Network
  9. Governance Code
  10. Clients
  11. Corporate Overview

Company Overview

Yaesu Audit & Co.
Tsutomu Saito
December 15, 1969
Japanese Certified Public Accountants (partners): 18
Japanese Certified Public Accountants (associates): 45
US Certified Public Accountants (associates): 1
Audit assistant (associates): 10
Others: 2
Total (as of April 2024): 76
Kioicho Building 17F, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku 102-0094
TEL: +81-3-5275-5260 / FAX: +81-3-5275-5262


November 4, 1969
Shigenari Motoyoshi, a Japanese Certified Public Accountant, and four other members applied for establishment of a firm to the Japanese Ministry of Finance
December 15, 1969
Established a Yaesu Jimusho Audit Company at 1-7 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
June 25, 1977
Relocated offices to 2-12-4 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
November 25, 1997
Renamed the firm to Yaesu Audit & Co.
June 15, 2007
Relocated offices to 1-5-17 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
June 1, 2012
Became a member firm of Kreston International (current: Kreston Global)
June 20, 2016
Relocated offices to Kioicho Building, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

In December 2019, Yaesu Audit & Co. celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment.

As a milestone of our 50 year journey, we created a new company introduction video with an ambition to keep walking towards the future.

This 3 minute video celebrates our history and introduces our future endeavors.

(Please note that the text in the video is in Japanese only.)